About Us

We’re a country plagued with so many problems.

Our problems are not just many, they’re also very complex and overwhelming.  With deep roots in our systems, our cultures, our mindsets and our politics, it’s not surprising that many of us do not understand their extents. The truth is, we wrong ourselves as a people just as much as we’re being wronged. 

Whispers Nigeria was born out of a desire to make sense of these problems in an effort to find lasting solutions. It was born out of a burning desire for a better version of Nigeria, one that we will all be proud of. 

We’ll always try to make our opinions as objective and as non-partisan as possible, but that doesn’t mean our truth will correspond to yours at all time. Of course, this creates a good avenue for discussion as we all hope to learn from each other.

You’ll find articles on issues ranging from our parenting problems to the problems of our economy, on religion and the causes of our disunity, on the politics of hate, on the maddening rate of divorce, on the cultures that are destroying us, and so much more.

It is a journey we’re partaking in, and even though we do not know where it will lead, we’re optimistic that the destination will be a good one.

This site is for every patriotic Nigerian with a unifying mindset. Understand that it is for the Nigerian, first and foremost. It is for the Nigerian that puts Nigeria first.

Our philosophy

The first step towards solving a problem is understanding it. 

Our mission

  • To be the bearers of truths and to whisper them far and wide into the heart of every Nigerian.
  • To spread awareness about the extent of our problems.
  • To discuss ways forwards for our generation and the next

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