Month: March 2018

What’s Wrong With Unity In Diversity?

“There is a law that man should love his neighbour as himself. In a few hundred years, it should be as natural to mankind as breathing or the upright gait; but if he does not learn it he must perish” Alfred Adler Growing up as a child, I had the feeling that student’s don’t die. I thought that once you are a student, you are immune from the stinging hands of death. Then, one of t student died. She isn’t just a student, she was the Senior female prefect (head girl). The event of her passing away literally dragged me...

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On Our Religiosity, Haterade And The Root Of Our Problems

Events over the years have exposed how increasingly divided a country Nigeria is. A cursory look at comments online will suggest to anyone how deep this cancer have eaten into the fabric of our national life. We wear fake smiles and pretend but beneath that veneer is a cesspit of hate, anger, irritation, and bigotry. The youths are focus less, immature and even more abusive. Elder statesmen have become more partisans on key issues facing the country. Worst still, those that are given mandates by the people, have abused the opportunity and have orchestrated more divisions rather than uniting and...

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